🏦 Bank Of India Balance Check 2024: How To Check BOI Account Balance? 📊

Bank Of India Balance Check 2024: Bank of India, often abbreviated as BOI, like other esteemed banks, provides a bank of india balance enquiry Balance Check Number for its account holders to conveniently inquire about their account balances. Founded on September 7th, 1906, this institution initially operated as a private bank and underwent nationalization in 1969, becoming one of the 14 banks in India to do so. Commencing its journey with an office in Mumbai, boasting an initial capital of 50 lakh rupees and a workforce of 50 employees, it has since expanded significantly, with over 5100 branches situated across India. Account holders of this bank have multiple avenues for checking their balances, including missed calls, SMS inquiries, and online access via the bank’s website.

How to Verify Your Bank of India Account Balance

🔍 Bank of India account holders have six common methods to check their account balances. To utilize these services, it’s vital to register your mobile number and obtain an Internet banking account. Now, let’s explore how you can access your account balance:

  1. 📞 Via Phone Call or Missed Call.
  2. 📱 Through SMS.
  3. 📲 Using Mobile Banking.
  4. 💻 Via Net Banking.
  5. 💳 With an ATM Card or Debit Card.
  6. 📚 Through Pass Book Printing

Check Bank Balance Of Bank Of India via Phone Call/Missed Call:

  • To initiate this process, users must first register their mobile numbers with Bank Of India by requesting this service.
  • Next, they should give a missed call to the authorized number specified by Bank Of India’s management.
  • The authorized phone number for checking your Bank Of India account balance is 9015135135.
  • Upon giving a missed call to the aforementioned number, a message will be received on your registered mobile number displaying the total balance in your BOI bank account.

How To Check Bank Balance Of BOI Through SMS?

To check your Bank of India account balance through SMS, follow these steps:

  1. Register your mobile number for SMS banking on the net banking portal or mobile banking application.
  2. Create a 4-digit PIN or SMS password, which will represent your bank account during the balance inquiry.
  3. Send an SMS to the authorized number provided by the bank management, which is 919810558585.
  4. Use the following SMS formats:
    • For Primary bank accounts: Send “BAL XXXX,” where XXXX is your SMS Password.
    • For Non-Primary Accounts: Send “BAL XXXX<Account Number>,” where XXXX is your SMS Password.

Check Bank Balance Of BOI Through Mobile Banking

  • Ensure you have the Bank Of India mobile application installed on your mobile phone.
  • If not, download it from the Google Play Store and complete the installation process.
  • Log in to the Bank Of India mobile banking application.
  • Explore the available options and select “My Account.”
  • View your account summary and balance on your mobile screen within the application.

How to Check Bank of India Account Balance via Net Banking

  1. Visit your nearest Bank of India branch and apply for a net banking account.
  2. The bank employee will validate your application and provide you with an envelope containing your user ID and password, along with instructions on how to use the net banking account.
  3. Open your Netbanking profile on the official Bank of India website by clicking on the “Internet Banking” option on the homepage and logging in with your credentials.
  4. On the website, you’ll find various financial services offered by BOI online.
  5. You can access your account summary, including the available bank balance.

How to Check Bank of India Balance Using an ATM/Debit Card

  1. Ensure you have an ATM or Debit card issued by Bank of India.
  2. Visit your nearest Bank of India ATM or any other bank’s ATM where your card is accessible.
  3. Insert your ATM card into the ATM machine.
  4. Enter your ATM card’s PIN when prompted.
  5. The ATM will validate your card details and display a menu of options.
  6. From the available options, select the one related to balance inquiry.
  7. The ATM will then display the balance of your Bank of India account.

How to Check Bank of India Account Balance via Passbook Printing

  1. Visit your home branch or any nearby Bank of India branch.
  2. Approach a bank employee and provide them with your bank passbook.
  3. Request them to update your passbook.
  4. The bank employee will enter your account details into the bank’s software application.
  5. They will review all your account details and then place your passbook in the printing machine.
  6. The employee will select the print option to generate a record of all your transactions on your bank passbook.
  7. After all the transactions have been printed, you can check your account balance from your updated bank passbook.

Bank of India Balance Inquiry Number

Bank of India offers a convenient and free service that allows customers to check their account balance by simply giving a missed call to either of these toll-free numbers: 09015135135 or 09266135135. Shortly after dialing the number from your registered mobile phone and making the call, it will automatically disconnect. You will then receive an SMS containing your bank balance details.

Bank Of India Balance Check 2024
Bank Of India Balance Check 2024

BOI Balance Check Number and Website:

Bank of India is one of India’s largest and most renowned banks, boasting a network of over 5100 branches, making it a prominent leader in the banking industry. Checking your account balance with this bank is a seamless process, offering multiple options such as missed calls, SMS, mobile banking, and net banking. Additionally, you have the convenience of accessing your balance online through the bank’s official website. Bank Of India Balance Check 2024

In addition to balance inquiries, Bank of India offers a wide range of banking services, including loans, investments, and cheque facilities. With these various methods at your disposal, checking your bank balance is made effortless.

(FAQs) Bank Of India Balance Check 2024

How can I check my Bank of India account balance through a missed call?

You can check your Bank of India account balance by calling the Missed Call banking numbers 09015135135 or 09266135135.

Can I add my Bank of India account in BHIM or another UPI app?

Yes, you can add your Bank of India account to UPI apps. UPI apps offer various banking facilities, including fund transfers, account balance checks, and more.

Can I get a mini statement using Missed Call Banking?

Unfortunately, missed call numbers will only send SMS containing the account balance. To get a mini statement through SMS, you need to send “TRANS <Your SMS Password>” to 09810558585.

What is the easiest method to check the account balance of the BOI Bank Account?

The easiest method to check your BOI bank account balance is by using the missed call number. If you are a mobile banking user and have installed BOI Apps or UPI apps, you can also check your balance through these platforms, providing you with easier access to your account details.

How can I register my bank account for Internet Banking facility?

To register your mobile number with the bank for Internet Banking facility, you can fill out a form available at your bank branch to request activation. Since Internet Banking involves higher security risks, physical verification is necessary for the activation process.

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