Clint Eastwood’s Net Worth in 2024: Movies Income, Salary, and Wife

In 2024, the esteemed American actor and film director, Clint Eastwood, boasts a net worth of $400 million. Renowned for his iconic roles spanning six decades, Eastwood’s status as a superstar is indisputable. Serving as the former Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, Eastwood’s financial standing remains impressive. Various sources such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB corroborate his estimated net worth. Delve into his earnings, investments, real estate, endorsements, and other details.

As previously mentioned, Clint Eastwood’s net worth is $400 million, largely amassed through his production endeavors. Establishing his production house in 1969, Eastwood has helmed nearly 90% of his cinematic ventures under its banner. Remarkably, he launched his production company within a decade of his debut in the entertainment industry.

Clint Eastwood Net Worth 2024

NameClint Eastwood 🎬🎹
Net Worth (2024)$400 Million 💰
BirthplaceSan Francisco, California, United States 🌉🇺🇸
ProfessionFormer Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea City, CA, and actor 🎭🏛️
Monthly Income$3 Million + 💵
Yearly Income$35 Million + 💰
Political partyLibertarian (2008–present) 🗽
Years active1963–present 📅
Instrument(s)Vocals, piano 🎤🎹
Last Updated2024 🔄

Annually, he continues to rake in over $3 million in movie royalties, supplemented by a lucrative $5 million remake fee due to his films being repeatedly adapted in various languages. Residing in his Beverly Hills bungalow, a lavish property valued at $20 million, he maintains his opulent lifestyle. Stay tuned for further celebrity updates.

Clint Eastwood Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
2024 📅$400 Million 💰
2023 📅$365 Million 💰
2022 📅$330 Million 💰
2021 📅$295 Million 💰
2020 📅$260 Million 💰
2019 📅$230 Million 💰

Clint Eastwood Income Sources:

  • Acting: Earnings from film and television roles, spanning from lucrative salaries during his prime to continuous income from timeless classics.
  • Directing: Compensation for directing his own films and other projects.
  • Producing: Credits as a producer on various films, adding to overall earnings.
  • Royalties: Continuous income from film and music via distribution, streaming platforms, and merchandise sales.
  • Investments: Profits from real estate investments and other business ventures.

Clint Eastwood Additional Facts:

  • Here’s the revised list:
  • Academy Award Winner: Received Best Director and Best Picture awards for “Unforgiven.”
  • Former Mayor: Held the position of mayor in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, from 1986 to 1988.
  • Long Career: Boasts over 70 years in the entertainment industry, guaranteeing a consistent income stream.

Does Clint Eastwood still earn money?

Despite being less active in acting, Clint Eastwood still generates income through multiple avenues. He remains involved in directing and producing films, receives royalties from his previous work, and occasionally takes on acting roles. Moreover, he maintains investments in real estate and other ventures.

Clint Eastwood Net Worth 2024
Clint Eastwood Net Worth 2024

Clint Eastwood Facts

  • Birth: Clint Eastwood was born on May 31, 1930, in San Francisco, California, United States.
  • Age: He is currently 93 years old.
  • Children: He has children named Scott Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, and more.
  • Spouses: Clint Eastwood was married to Dina Eastwood from 1996 to 2014 and to Maggie Johnson from 1953 to 1984.
  • Organization Founded: He established Malpaso Productions.
  • Production Company: Clint Eastwood is associated with Malpaso Productions.
  • Grandchildren: He has grandchildren named Clinton Eastwood Gaddie, Graylen Spencer Eastwood, Lowell Thomas Murray IV, and Kelsey Hayford.
  • Height: Clint Eastwood stands at 1.93 meters (6 feet 4 inches) tall.
  • Weight: He weighs 67 kilograms or 148 pounds.
  • Profession: Clint Eastwood is an American actor and former Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea.
  • Nationality: He holds American nationality.

Balance Sheet

Assets$50 Million + 💼💰
Inheritance$25 Million + 💰
Gold Reserves$150,000 + 🪙
Luxury Cars5 + 🚗
Luxury Watches20 + ⌚
Stock Portfolio$4 Million + 📈💼
Luxury Yachts5 + ⛵
Crypto Investments$2 Million + 💻💰
Investment$250 Million + 💼💰
Business Income$3 Million + 💼💰
Other Income$15 Million + 💼💰
Loans & Liabilities$15 Million + 📉💰
Annual Expense$4 Million + 💸
Taxes Paid$2 Million + 💸


What is Clint Eastwood’s net worth?

Clint Eastwood’s total net worth is approximately $400 million.

How much does Clint Eastwood make annually?

Clint Eastwood earns an estimated salary of $30 million per year.

What is Clint Eastwood’s monthly income?

Clint Eastwood earns an estimated salary of over $3 million per month.

How old is Clint Eastwood?

Currently, Clint Eastwood is 93 years old, born on May 31, 1930.

What is Clint Eastwood’s height?

Clint Eastwood stands at 1.93 meters (6 feet 4 inches) tall.

Who is Clint Eastwood’s wife?

Clint Eastwood is currently married to Dina Eastwood (1996–2014), and was previously married to Maggie Johnson (1953–1984).

How many kids does Clint Eastwood have?

Clint Eastwood has 8 children: Scott Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, and more.

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