Fastag Balance Check 2023: How to Check Your FASTag Balance Quickly and Easily

Fastag Balance Check Number via Missed Call and SMS. For Fastag users who have linked their mobile numbers, checking the balance in their prepaid Fastag wallet is now more convenient. By simply giving a missed call to their registered mobile number at +91-8884333331, you can quickly determine your Fastag balance. This new Fastag feature ensures that vehicles without Fastag accounts won’t be able to pass through toll plazas without paying cash. The Ministry of Road Transport has issued a recent order, effective from February 15, 2020, stipulating that vehicles entering Fastag lanes without a valid Fastag will be subject to double toll charges.

Fastag Balance Check Number

For a convenient Fastag service experience, the Indian Highway Management Company Limited, a division of the National Highway Authority of India, has introduced a missed call alert feature to check your Fastag balance. If your mobile number is registered with NHAI’s prepaid wallet, you can easily inquire about your balance by giving a missed call to +91-8884333331.

Please note that this service is exclusive to users who have linked their Fastag to NHAI’s prepaid wallet and may not be available for other prepaid wallets. The provided number is toll-free and can be used at any time. If you have multiple vehicles linked to your NHAI prepaid wallet, you can check the balance for each vehicle’s Fastag. Additionally, in case of low balance in your Fastag, you will receive a separate SMS notification on your registered mobile number.

To determine your Fastag balance, give a missed call to +91-8884333331 if your mobile number is registered with NHAI’s Prepaid Wallet.

Here are some other Fastag balance inquiry numbers:

  • ICICI HDFC FASTag balance: 8010928888
  • HDFC FASTag balance: 720-805-3999
  • Paytm FASTag balance: +91-8884333331

Furthermore, if the Fastag reading machine is not operational, you will not be charged any toll fee.

Let us inform you that since the launch of the NHAI prepaid wallet, over 2.25 million users have embraced this service. The My FASTag App is accessible on both Android and iOS smartphones. Fastag is a compact electronic device that closely resembles a credit or debit card, albeit significantly smaller in size, often about half the size of a credit card. Embedded within this device is a microchip containing all the pertinent information related to your vehicle. Upon approaching a toll plaza, the device automatically records your vehicle’s information and deducts the toll amount. Fastag is typically affixed to the car’s front windshield, usually on the left side, to ensure the driver’s convenience.

Fastag Balance Check
Fastag Balance Check

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is introducing a missed call alert service to facilitate balance inquiries for prepaid wallets, in partnership with the Highways Management Company of India, an NHAI-promoted entity. This initiative aims to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for Fastag users with prepaid wallets.

  1. Fastag users who have registered their mobile number can check their prepaid Fastag wallet balance by giving a missed call to +91-8884333331.
  2. This service is accessible free of charge 24/7, compatible with all types of mobile phones and service providers, and does not require an internet connection.
  3. If users have multiple vehicles linked to NHAI’s prepaid wallet, they will receive information about the balance in each vehicle’s prepaid wallet. Low balance notifications will be sent via SMS to the registered mobile number.
  4. This service is exclusively available to NHAI Fastag users connected to the prepaid wallet and is not applicable to Fastags linked to various bank accounts.
  5. Since the launch of NHAI’s prepaid wallet service, over 250,000 Fastag users have embraced this convenient feature.

Understanding Fastag: A Comprehensive Introduction

Fastag is a windshield-mounted device that utilizes RFID technology. When a vehicle equipped with Fastag passes through a toll booth, the RFID technology scans the Fastag. Once scanned, the toll amount is deducted directly from your bank account or linked wallet, allowing you to pass through the toll booth without the need to wait in line.

RFID technology is akin to what’s commonly used in shopping malls, where stores use it to prevent goods from being taken out without payment.

Customer Service Helpline Number for FASTag Issuing Banks

FASTag Issuing Banks and Their Customer Service Helpline Numbers:

  1. Axis Bank: 1800-419-8585
  2. ICICI Bank: 1800-2100-104
  3. IDFC Bank: 1800-266-9970
  4. State Bank of India: 1800-11-0018
  5. HDFC Bank: 1800-120-1243
  6. Karur Vysya Bank: 1800-102-1916
  7. EQUITAS Small Finance Bank: 1800-419-1996
  8. PayTM Payments Bank Ltd: 1800-102-6480
  9. Kotak Mahindra Bank: 1800-419-6606
  10. Syndicate Bank: 1800-425-0585
  11. Federal Bank: 1800-266-9520
  12. South Indian Bank: 1800-425-1809
  13. Punjab National Bank: 080-67295310
  14. Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank: 1800-223-993
  15. Saraswat Bank: 1800-266-9545
  16. Fino Payments Bank: 1860-266-3466
  17. City Union Bank: 1800-2587200
  18. Bank of Baroda: 1800-1034568
  19. IndusInd Bank: 1860-5005004
  20. Yes Bank: 1800-1200
  21. Union Bank: 1800-222244
  22. Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd: 1800-2667183

Fastag Balance Check FAQ

What is Fastag?

Fastag is an electronic toll collection system in India that allows for seamless and cashless payments at toll plazas, using RFID technology.

How can I check my Fastag balance?

You can check your Fastag balance through various methods, including using a mobile app, visiting the official website of your Fastag service provider, or by sending an SMS to the designated number. Specific instructions may vary depending on your service provider.

What is the SMS format to check my Fastag balance?

The SMS format to check your Fastag balance typically includes sending an SMS to the designated number with a specific keyword or code. Please refer to your Fastag service provider’s official communications or website for the exact format.

Can I check my Fastag balance at toll plazas?

Yes, some toll plazas have dedicated lanes or systems for checking your Fastag balance. You can inquire at the plaza or refer to your service provider’s guidance for more information.

Is there a fee for checking my Fastag balance?

In most cases, checking your Fastag balance is free of charge. However, it’s advisable to confirm with your service provider if any fees or charges apply.

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