IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry Number 📞 2024: Missed Call & SMS

IDBI Bank, a well-known public sector bank in India, provides a comprehensive range of banking products and services, including savings and current accounts, retail and MSME loans, as well as various online banking facilities like IDBI Bank balance check, mini statement, fund transfers, net banking, mobile banking, and more. To conveniently monitor your account balance, you can use the IDBI Bank balance enquiry number 2024 provided below.

IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry Number 2024

To check your IDBI Bank account balance, simply give a missed call to the following number:


For those looking to retrieve their IDBI Bank Mini Statement, which includes details of the last 5 transactions, give a missed call to:


IDBI Bank provides the convenience of balance checking through this service, automatically activating it for users with a single operative account. To perform an IDBI Bank balance enquiry, follow these steps:

  1. Dial the IDBI Bank Balance Check Number 1800 843 1122 from your registered mobile number.
  2. The call will automatically disconnect after two rings.
  3. Shortly thereafter, you will receive an SMS containing your IDBI Bank Account Balance.

Please note that IDBI Bank account holders can use the missed call banking service to check their account balance a maximum of 4 times per day. This limit is calculated cumulatively for both 18008431133 and 18008431122 numbers together.

IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry Number

ServiceActivation MethodEmoji
IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry through Missed CallMiss call on 18008431122 or 09212993399📞
IDBI Mini Statement18008431133📄
IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry through SMSBAL CUSTOMERID PIN [ACCOUNT NUMBER] to 9820346920 or 9821043718📱
IDBI Bank Last 3 Transactions through SMSTXN CUSTOMERID PIN [ACCOUNT NUMBER] to 9820346920 or 9821043718💼
IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry through Net BankingVisit Here💻
IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry through Mobile BankingIDBI Bank GO Mobile📱
IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry through USSDEnter 9949#📲

IDBI Balance Check Registration Process

IDBI Bank provides a hassle-free registration process for balance enquiry through missed calls. While the bank pre-activates this facility for customers with a single account, those with multiple accounts and a shared mobile number can follow these simple steps for registration:

  1. Send an SMS in the format: REG <Space> Account Number to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718.
  2. You will promptly receive a confirmation message detailing your registration status for IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry by missed call.

If at any point you wish to De-Register from the missed call facility, you can easily do so by following these steps:

  1. Send an SMS in the format: DEL <Space> Account Number to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718.
  2. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation message confirming your successful de-registration from the missed call banking service.

For those who need to change their registered account number for the missed call banking facility, the process is straightforward:

  1. Send an SMS in the format: REG <Space> New Account Number to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718.

Checking Your IDBI Bank Balance through Net Banking

IDBI Bank offers net banking services to its account holders, providing a convenient way to access a wide range of banking services without the need to visit a physical branch.

To get started with net banking, account holders need to complete a registration process. This registration can be done either during the initial account opening or at a later time. With IDBI’s net banking service, customers can enjoy a host of banking features, including checking their IDBI Bank balance, obtaining mini statements, conducting fund transfers using IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS, and making utility bill payments, among other services.

Checking IDBI Bank Balance via Mobile Banking

IDBI Bank offers several mobile apps that account holders can use to conduct transactions while on the move, including checking their IDBI Bank Balance. Here are the active IDBI mobile banking apps:

  1. IDBI Bank GO Mobile+: IDBI Bank account holders can download and install the IDBI Bank GO Mobile+ application on their Android or iOS devices to access banking services such as IDBI Bank Balance enquiry, mini statement, fund transfers, cheque book requests, and more.
  2. IDBI Bank mPassbook: IDBI Passbook provides the mPassbook facility for all account holders to stay updated on their transactions and available account balance. Account-holders can easily check the IDBI Bank mini statement and detailed statement as well. IDBI Bank mPassbook is available on both Android and iOS platforms, enabling convenient IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry on-the-go.

Check IDBI Bank Balance via SMS Banking

Account-holders can also perform IDBI Bank Balance Checks through SMS banking. IDBI Bank offers an SMS Banking facility, allowing account holders to conveniently check their account balance without incurring additional charges (though service provider charges may apply). To use this service, account-holders need to send an SMS with the format BAL <space> CUSTOMERID <space> PIN <space> ACCOUNT NUMBER to either 9820346920 or 9821043718.

Business RequestInputEmoji

Check IDBI Bank Account Balance via Passbook

IDBI Bank issues a passbook to each account holder upon opening an account. Account-holders can keep their passbooks up to date by visiting the bank branch, allowing them to stay informed about all debit and credit transactions. While this method of IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry is traditional, there are still many account holders who prefer it over online alternatives such as net banking and mobile banking.

Check IDBI Bank Balance via ATM

To Check Your IDBI Bank Balance via ATM

  1. Visit your nearest ATM.
  2. Ensure you have your valid IDBI ATM/Debit Card and ATM PIN with you.
  3. Insert your ATM card and enter the 4-digit PIN.
  4. Your IDBI Bank balance will be displayed instantly on the screen.
  5. Enter the PIN to proceed.
  6. You will see the balance of the selected account on your screen.

Check IDBI Bank Balance via Toll-Free Number

Account-holders can also utilize the IDBI Bank Toll-Free Numbers for Balance Enquiry to stay informed about their available account balance. Here are the provided IDBI Bank Toll-Free Numbers:

  1. 1800-209-4324
  2. 1800-200-1947
  3. 1800-22-1070

To check their IDBI Bank Account Balance using the toll-free numbers listed above, account holders need to call 1800-209-4324, 1800-200-1947, or 1800-22-1070, select their preferred language, and then follow the IVR instructions.

IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry Number 2024
IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry Number 2024

Checking IDBI Bank Account Balance via UPI

To check your IDBI Bank account balance via UPI, follow these steps:

  1. Open the UPI app on your smartphone.
  2. Log in using your set code.
  3. Click on the account you want to check the balance of.
  4. Select the “Check Balance” option.
  5. Enter your set PIN to proceed.
  6. Your selected account’s balance will be displayed on your screen.

Services Available via IDBI WhatsApp Banking

  1. Check account balance
  2. Get mini statement of last five transactions
  3. Locate nearest branch/ATM
  4. Know interest rates
  5. Order chequebook
  6. Request for email statement
  7. KYC update

Please note that while both customers and non-IDBI users can avail this service, the services are limited for non-IDBI customers. Customers must register their mobile number with the bank to access all the services through WhatsApp banking.

(FAQ) IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry Number 2024

How can I check my IDBI bank balance through a missed call?

To check your bank balance, give a missed call on 18008431122 or 09212993399 from your registered mobile number. Your account balance will be sent via SMS. 💰

How can I check my IDBI account balance by SMS?

Account-holders can easily check their account balance by sending ‘BAL<space>Customer ID<space>PIN<space>A/C No.’ to 9820346920 or 9821043718. 📲

What is IDBI Toll-free balance enquiry number?

IDBI Toll-free numbers for balance enquiry are 1800-209-4324, 1800-200-1947, and 1800-22-1070. ☎️

How to register the mobile number for IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry service?

Account-holders can easily register their mobile number for IDBI Balance Check by sending an SMS “REG <Space> Account Number” to 5676777 or 9820346920 / 9821043718. 📱

How can I check my IDBI mini statement?

To check your mini statement, you can either give a missed call on 18008431133 or log in to IDBI Bank Go Mobile+ app or IDBI Bank mPassbook. 📋

What is the limit on the number of enquiries that can be made in a day?

Account-holders can do IDBI Bank Balance Enquiry for a maximum of 4 times a day. ⏰

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