Bank of India Credit Card 2024: Exploring Features, Eligibility, and Fees

Bank of India Credit Card 2024: Bank of India presents a diverse range of credit cards tailored to meet various needs. Interested individuals can easily compare and apply for Bank of India Bank Credit Cards in India. Assess eligibility, explore enticing offers, and discover the rewards points associated with different types of BOI Credit Card. These cards cater to a wide spectrum of requirements, including shopping, travel, holidays, international usage, and daily necessities.

Bank of India collaborates with globally renowned card providers, VISA and MasterCard, ensuring that customers benefit from the top-rated and internationally accepted features of both. The cards offer higher acceptability and loyalty, making them globally recognized. Whether for shopping, lifestyle enhancements, or specific needs like agricultural expenses using the Kishan Credit Card, Bank of India Credit Cards serve a broad range of purposes.

Bank of India Credit Card 2024
Bank of India Credit Card 2024

Notably, Bank of India Credit Cards extends beyond urban conveniences, also facilitating our farmers through the Kishan Credit Card. These credit cards are versatile and designed to align with the unique requirements of different customer segments. For a detailed understanding of the various types of credit cards offered by Bank of India, continue reading this article.

Bank of India Credit Cards types

  1. Bank of India Visa Gold Card
  2. Bank of India Visa Platinum Privilege Card
  3. Bank of India Visa Gold Card International Card
  4. Bank of India TAJ Premium Card
  5. Bank of India India Card
  6. Bank of India Credit Card for Pensioners
  7. Bank of India Navy Classic
  8. Bank of India Navy Gold
  9. Bank of India Krishi Vikas Card
  10. Bank of India – Kisan Credit Card

Features of Bank of India Credit Cards:

  • Exceptional Convenience and Financial Benefits
  • Choice of Branch Billing or Direct Billing
  • Lowest Service Charges
  • No Processing Fees (No Entrance Fees)
  • 51 Days of Interest-Free Period
  • Easy Cash Withdrawal
  • Easy Pay Schemes (BOI Also Offers EMI)
  • Add-On Credit Card Facility
  • Unique Security Plan for Enhanced Protection
  • BOI Star Token for Secure Transactions
  • Access BOI Credit Card via BOI Net Banking

Key Features of Bank of India Credit Cards



Credit CardEligibilityAnnual Fee (Principal Card/Add-on Card)Features🌐
Visa Gold CardGross annual income of Rs.1.50 lacs& aboveRs. 600 p.a., Rs 350 p.a.– Pin-enabled photo card for secure usage at over 2,50,000 merchant locations and 24hr. cash access at over 90,000 ATMs. – Revolving Credit at preferential rate, interest-free credit for up to 51 days. – Cash advance facility at over 4000 branches with free remittance facility for card payment. – Options for bill payments through branch accounts at zero charges. – Flexible credit limits for add-on cards. – Reward Programme on card usage. – 24 hr. toll-free assistance for reporting lost/stolen cards.🇮🇳🇳🇵🇧🇹
Visa Gold Card International CardGross annual income of Rs 1.50 lacs& aboveRs. 1500 p.a., Rs 800 p.a.– Superior purchasing power with a high spending limit (typically above Rs.1 lac). – Global cash access at over 8,10,000 ATMs in the VISA Global ATM Network and over 4,14,000 locations worldwide. – Interest-free credit for up to 51 days. – Access to the VISA Emergency Assistance Centre (VEAC) for accessing services of lost/stolen card reporting. – Emergency card replacement. – Emergency cash disbursement. – Customer enquiry. – ATM locator service. – Revolving credit at a preferential rate of 1.7% for cards where the minimum amount is made on the due date.🌐
Visa Platinum Privilege CardGross annual income requirementNot specified– The card includes the photo and signature of the cardholder. – Maximum cash withdrawal from ATM – Rs. 50,000, POS – Up to Rs.1 lac.🌐
TAJ Premium CardBy invitation onlyNo charge– Status card given to members of TAJ.🌐
India CardGross annual income of Rs.0.75 lacs& aboveFree Forever*– Pin-enabled photo card. – Secure usage at over 2,50,000 merchant establishments and round-the-clock cash advance at over 9000 ATMs. – Interest-free credit for up to 51 days and revolving credit at a preferential rate. – Flexible credit limits for add-on cards.🇮🇳🇳🇵🇧🇹
Credit Card for PensionersSpecially designed for pensionersNot specified– Limit based on three times monthly pension with no TOD allowed.🌐
Krishi Vikas CardCardholders of the Shatabdi Krishi Vikas Card from Bank of IndiaNot specified– Cardholders can avail up to 50% of Crop Cash Credit limit with a minimum credit of Rs.25,0000 and a maximum of Rs.50,000. – High cash withdrawal limit of up to Rs.10,000 in a day, which is 30% of the spending limit. – Insurance cover and other services under the VISA Credit Card schemes for BOI.

Documents Required:
KYC-PAN, Address proof, and ID Proof
One photograph, Salary slip/Form 16

BOI Credit Card Eligibility Payment Options: Simplifying Transactions

Bank of India provides a myriad of payment options for its credit card holders, ensuring convenience and flexibility in settling outstanding balances for all types of BOI credit cards. Explore the various payment avenues below:

Online Credit Card Bill Payment through Bank of India Official Website

  • Accessible to all customers with a valid BOI Credit Card.
  • Payments can be made using any bank’s internet banking.
  • Detailed procedures available on the BOI official website.

Direct Billing Credit Card Payments

  • Secure and convenient online payments for Bank of India Direct Billing Credit Card customers.
  • Accessible through other banks’ internet banking accounts.
  • Simple steps include card details, personal information, bank selection, and authentication.

Cheque/Draft Payment via National Automated Clearing House (NACH)

  • NACH eliminates the need for issuing monthly cheques.
  • Authorization for automatic deductions from the bank account.
  • Cheques/drafts payable to Bank of India with the 16-digit Credit Card No.

Cash Payments at Bank of India Branches

  • Overdue payments can be made in cash at any Bank of India branch.
  • Quote the 16-digit credit card number during payment.
  • Extra charges may apply for this payment method.

Direct Debit Facility

  • BOI credit cardholders with a Bank of India savings account can authorize direct debit.
  • Auto Payment Option for hassle-free transactions.
  • The bank debits the account on the payment due date as per authorization.

NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)

  • Pay BOI Card dues online using NEFT.
  • Quick, simple, and secure transfer from any bank offering NEFT facilities.
  • Add BOI Credit Card Eligibility as a third-party beneficiary using BOI Net banking.
  • Provide necessary details for seamless NEFT transactions.

By offering a diverse range of payment options, Bank of India ensures that credit cardholders can choose the method that best suits their preferences and convenience. Experience seamless transactions while managing your BOI Credit Card payments effectively.

Required Details for Make BOI Credit Card Payment

Beneficiary NameCard holder’s full name as on Card🧑‍💼
Account NumberBOI 16 credit card number (16 Digit)🔢
IFSC (Indian Financial Sector Code) of Card DivisionBKID0000101🏦
Bank NameBank of India🏦
Bank of India Credit Card Office AddressMumbai Main Branch, 4th Floor, 70/80 MG Road, Mumbai 400 021 BOI Credit Card Eligibility📍
AmountAmount of payment💰

Bank of India Credit Card 2024 – FAQ

How can I apply for a Bank of India Credit Card?

You can apply online through the official website or visit the nearest Bank of India branch.

What types of Bank of India Credit Cards are available?

Bank of India offers a range of cards, including Visa Gold, Visa Platinum Privilege, TAJ Premium, India Card, and specialized cards for pensioners and farmers.

What are the eligibility criteria for Bank of India Credit Cards?

Eligibility is based on gross annual income, with specific criteria for each card type.

How can I make payments for my Bank of India Credit Card?

You can make payments through various channels, including online payments, cheque/draft payments, cash payments at branches, and NEFT transactions.

Is there an annual fee for Bank of India Credit Cards?

Annual fees vary based on the type of credit card. Some cards offer lifetime free membership.

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