Bank Holidays in Punjab 2023 🏦🗓️: List of Vacation Dates

In 2023, Punjab observes a significant number of bank holidays. These include holidays associated with Maha Shivaratri and various other festivals celebrated by the state’s residents. If you intend to make the most of these bank holidays in Punjab, there are numerous activities to enjoy. This page provides a calendar listing all the List of Bank Holidays in Punjab for 2023. Before you plan your trips, it’s advisable to review our list of public holidays in Punjab, keeping in mind that these dates may be subject to change with official announcements.

Bank Holidays in Punjab 2023

In India, we have a combination of federal, regional government holidays, and popular observances. Bank holidays in India can vary from one bank to another, although the central government and the Ministry of Personnel announce certain public bank holidays in India, such as Republic Day (January 26), Independence Day (August 15), and Gandhi Jayanti (October 2).

These bank holidays also encompass cultural and religious occasions like Budh Purnima, Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, Eid, and more. For a comprehensive list of bank holidays in Punjab, please refer below. Keep in mind that these dates may change with official notifications. Additionally, both private and public sector banks are closed on the 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of each month.

Here are the prominent regional and bank holidays in Punjab:

  1. Makar Sankranti
  2. Chandrama Ugadi
  3. Basava Jayanti
  4. Vinayaka Chaturthi
  5. Mahalaya
  6. Kannada Rajyothsava

List of Bank Holidays in Punjab 2023

Date & MonthDayHolidayEmoji
January 14SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
January 26ThursdayRepublic Day🇮🇳
January 28SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
February 5SundayGuru Ravidas Jayanti🪙
February 11SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
February 18SaturdayMaha Shivaratri🌙
February 25SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
March 8WednesdayHoli🎉
March 11SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
March 25SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
March 30ThursdayRam Navami🕉️
April 4TuesdayMahavir Jayanti🕊️
April 7FridayGood Friday✝️
April 8SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
April 14FridayVaisakh🌾
April 22SaturdayMaharshi Parasuram Jayanti🌟
May 13SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
May 23TuesdaySri Guru Arjun Dev Ji’s Martyrdom Day🙏
May 27SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
June 4SundaySant Guru Kabir Jayanti🎂
June 10SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
June 24SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
June 29ThursdayBakrid / Eid al Adha🐐
July 8SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
July 22SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
August 12SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
August 15TuesdayIndependence Day🇮🇳
August 26SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
September 7ThursdayJanmashtami🌟
September 9SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
September 23SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
October 2MondayGandhi Jayanti🕊️
October 14SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
October 24TuesdayVijaya Dashami🙏
October 28SaturdayMaharishi Valmiki Jayanti📜
November 11SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
November 12SundayDiwali🪔
November 25SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
November 27MondayGuru Nanak Jayanti🌟
December 9SaturdaySecond Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
December 17SundaySri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji’s Martyrdom Day🙏
December 23SaturdayFourth Saturday Bank Holiday🏦
December 25MondayChristmas Day🎄

Note: The 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of every month are observed as public holidays for banks in India.

Bank Holidays in Punjab

Punjab stands out as one of India’s most sought-after tourist destinations. The state’s remarkable beauty offers an abundance of attractions. Punjab’s lush green landscapes are a delight for visitors. The state is rich in vibrant festivals, and what makes bank holidays in Punjab even more special is the Punjabi people’s spirited celebrations. When you have the opportunity for a public holiday, Punjab is a destination you shouldn’t miss. Tourists exploring Punjab can partake in a range of exhilarating experiences, from ice skating to horse riding, paragliding, and even rafting.

List of Bank Holidays in Punjab 2023 (FAQ)

I work in a private company in Punjab. Will I get to enjoy all the Punjab Government Holidays?

Whether you can enjoy all the Punjab Government Holidays depends on your company’s policies. You are entitled to public holidays, but whether the company observes regional holidays is at the discretion of the management. It’s advisable to check with your company. Government employees typically have access to regional holidays.

If a public holiday falls on a weekend, will there be a holiday for the same on a weekday?

No, if a public holiday falls on a weekend, it won’t be observed on a weekday. The weekday will remain a regular working day.

I stay in another state. Can I enjoy the regional holidays in Punjab?

You can enjoy regional holidays in Punjab if you are employed by the Punjab Government or a company based in Punjab that extends regional holiday benefits to its employees.

Are the holiday dates susceptible to change?

Public holiday dates are typically stable and don’t change. While the possibility of regional holiday dates changing is rare, the Punjab Government reserves the authority to make date adjustments for its convenience.

In the event of a strike, elections, etc., will the day be considered a holiday?

In the case of a strike, election, or similar events, the day will not be officially declared a holiday. Companies may continue to operate, and you might be required to work from home if you cannot reach the workplace.

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