CJ So Cool Net Worth 2024: Exploring YouTube Earnings, Vehicles, and Residences

As of 2024, the net worth of American YouTuber CJ So Cool is estimated to be $10 million. James Brady, commonly known as CJ So Cool, is an American YouTuber who operates the channel CJ So Cool Net Worth. His channel features a variety of content, including reaction videos to popular viral content, try not to laugh challenges, pranks, vlogs, etc. Stay updated on CJ So Cool news, as fans are curious about details such as CJ So Cool age, CJ So Cool wife, and CJ So Cool girlfriend through regular updates on his channel.

Hailing from Gary, Indiana, CJ So Cool initially pursued a career as a casino craps, blackjack, and poker dealer before rising to fame on YouTube. Additionally, he holds the title of a US Navy Veteran. Now, let’s delve into various aspects, including his total net worth, income, assets, and more. Starting with his net worth, explore the details of CJ So Cool’s career, income, cars, houses, personal life, and income sources here.

NameCJ So Cool🧑‍💼
Net Worth$10 Million💰
Salary$400,000 +💵
Monthly Income$50,000 +💸
Age34 Yrs🎂
Height6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)📏
Yearly Income$600,000 +💵
Date Of Birth1989-03-29🎉
Birth PlaceGary, Indiana🏡

CJ So Cool Net Worth 2024

CJ Cool boasts a substantial following with over 8.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel as of 2021, experiencing a daily growth of 2,000 subscribers. His videos have garnered an impressive 2.3 billion views, averaging around 600,000 views per day. This substantial viewership contributes to an estimated daily revenue of approximately $4,800 ($1.7 million annually) from advertisements featured in his videos.

Following the standard YouTube payment model, creators in countries like the US, UK, Canada, and others receive $2 to $12 per 1000 monetized views, accounting for YouTube’s share. Earnings are influenced by the duration viewers spend watching videos, with longer watch times translating to higher income. cj so cool age, cj so cool age

CJ Cool diversifies his income by engaging in sponsored videos, collaborating with various companies willing to invest significant amounts for product promotion. Notable partnerships include collaborations with companies like Seat Geek. Additionally, he maintains an active presence on Twitch, boasting over 100,000 followers. On this platform, he generates income through donations, monthly subscriber fees, and ad revenue.

Full NameCordero James Brady🧑‍💼
Net Worth$10 Million💰
CountryUnited States🇺🇸
BornMarch 29, 1989🎉
Salary$600,000 (Annual)💵
Last Updated2024🔄

CJ So Cool Net Worth Growth

YearNet WorthEmoji
2024$10.0 Million💰
2023$9.4 Million💸
2022$8.8 Million💵
2021$8.2 Million💰
2020$7.7 Million💸
2019$7.2 Million💵

CJ So Cool Biography

Cordero, a native of Gary, Indiana, was born on March 29, 1989, in Las Vegas. Growing up alongside his brother, Anthony Jinx Brady, Cordero faced the challenges of a tumultuous environment. Unfortunately, due to his mother’s struggle with heroin addiction and his father’s incarceration, he did not receive the care and love every child deserves. Despite these hardships, Jinx Brady, also a successful YouTuber, played a significant role in supporting CJ Cool’s burgeoning career. cj so cool news, cj so cool news, cj so cool news

CJ So Cool Net Worth 2024
CJ So Cool Net Worth 2024

CJ attended Theodore Roosevelt High School in his hometown, obtaining his education. Subsequently, he pursued studies at William A Wirt High School, earning his diploma. After completing his education, Cordero joined the navy and, at the age of 19, was assigned to the presidential guard. Following this, he enrolled in Pursue University to study criminology but eventually left in 2012 to seek employment and provide for his family.

YouTubeCJ So Cool’s YouTube Channel🎥
Net Worth$10 Million💰
NameCJ So Cool🧑‍💼
Height6’0″ (183 cm)📏
Weight75 kg (165 lbs)⚖️
Date Of BirthMarch 29, 1989🎉
BirthplaceUnited States🇺🇸
SpouseCharlene Johnson👩‍❤️‍👨

After establishing a strong connection, CJ So Cool entered the bonds of matrimony with fellow YouTube sensation Royalty. The union brought forth twin daughters, Cordayaha and Cordero Jr., born in 2020. Alongside these two, CJ has a daughter named Camari from a previous relationship, while Royalty brings three children from her past into the family. Despite the blend of backgrounds, all family members coexist joyfully under one roof, cherishing each other’s company.

In a gesture of profound affection, CJ surprised his family with a mansion on March 23, 2021, in celebration of his stepson Leon’s birthday. Consistently, he delights his children with generous gifts, from electric scooters to substantial bikes. This consistent display of generosity contributes to the overall happiness of the family. CJ So Cool shares a close-knit and harmonious bond with his family, expressing deep love for each member within his heart. cj so cool age

Favorite ActorRobert Downey Jr.🎭
Favorite ActressNot Known
Favorite SingerNot Known
Favorite AppInsta📸
Favorite GameN/A🎮
Favorite FoodNot Known
Favorite SongNot Known
Favorite SportsmanNeymar
Favorite MovieDon’t Know
Favorite CricketerRohit Sharma🏏
Favorite FootballerNeymar
Favorite TV ShowNot Known

CJ So Cool Career

CJ So Cool embarked on his professional journey as a blackjack dealer, later expanding to work in casino craps and poker during his early days. However, in 2014, upon joining the YouTube community, he shifted gears and delved into creating reaction videos, pranks, and non-laugh challenges. His humorous content quickly gained popularity, yet it also attracted criticism for content perceived as unfunny. cj so cool wife, cj so cool wife, cj so cool wife

In 2015, CJ faced severe backlash for a video where he mixed laxatives into children’s food, filming the distressing aftermath as a child experienced digestive discomfort. The controversial video drew condemnation from prominent YouTubers such as Scarce, DramaAlert, BlastphamousHD TV, and Pyrocynical for its inhumane nature. cj so cool girlfriend, cj so cool girlfriend, cj so cool girlfriend

In 2020, CJ encountered a setback when his YouTube account was hacked, resulting in the deletion of 1033 videos. Despite the adversity, YouTube managed to recover and restore 700 videos within a week. Despite facing criticism, CJ’s fan base has continued to grow substantially, with his YouTube subscribers witnessing exponential growth. Currently, he is creating content centered around his family. Beyond YouTube, CJ has showcased his versatility by venturing into music, with songs like “So Cool Anthem,” “Bag Chasing,” “Memories,” “For Clout,” and “Love Us Now.”


Is CJ So Cool the wealthiest YouTuber?

No, CJ So Cool is not the richest YouTuber. Cordero James Brady may not be a widely recognized personality, but he has amassed a significant net worth of $10 million as of 2024.

What is the value of CJ So Cool’s house?

CJ So Cool has moved from So Cool Land to his new mega-mansion, So Cool World, located just 15 minutes from Las Vegas. This luxurious home is currently listed on the market for up to $4.4 million.

How many children does CJ So Cool have in 2024?

In 2024, CJ and Royalty have six children together. Among them, three are from Royalty’s previous relationship, and one is from CJ’s previous relationship.

What is Royalty So Cool’s net worth?

Royalty So Cool has an individual net worth of $3 million, while CJ So Cool’s total net worth is $10 million. Collectively, their combined net worth is estimated to be over $10 million.

What is CJ So Cool’s annual income?

CJ So Cool’s YouTube channel garners an average of 600,000 views per day, resulting in an estimated daily revenue of $4,800 ($1.7 million annually) from advertisements displayed on the videos.

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