DJ Khaled Net Worth 2024: Biography, Age, Height, Wife, and Family

In 2023, DJ Khaled net worth is $510 million, and it’s projected to be $580 million in 2024, which is 48,33 Crore in Indian rupees. DJ Khaled’s net worth for 2024 is an eagerly awaited figure among his fans and followers. He has earned her wealth from various sources, including music production, brand endorsements, social media platforms, YouTube. When it comes to DJ Khaled’s personal life, his wife and family play an important role. Many are curious about DJ Khaled wife, his height, age, and even the luxurious house he resides in. It’s evident that DJ Khaled’s fame and fortune continue to grow, making him a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Meet the renowned DJ and record producer, DJ Khaled. If you’re eager to delve into the life and wealth of this talented individual, you’ve come to the right place. DJ Khaled, recognized for his devout Muslim faith, has left an indelible mark on the music industry with his exceptional talent and record-breaking achievements.

DJ Khaled Net Worth 2024
DJ Khaled Net Worth 2024

Not only is DJ Khaled celebrated for his musical prowess, but he also serves as a radio host for a prominent urban music station based in Miami. Among his many hits, “All I Do Is Win” stands out as one of his most triumphant singles, featured in his 2010 album “Victory.”

Explore the fascinating journey of DJ Khaled as he continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his music and unwavering dedication to his craft.

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DJ Khaled’s Bio

Born on November 26, 1975, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Khaled Mohammed Khaled, widely known as DJ Khaled, hails from Palestinian roots, as his parents immigrated to the USA from Palestine in their 20s.

With a musical upbringing, DJ Khaled’s parents, both musicians, nurtured his passion for music from an early age. Encouraged by their support, he delved into the world of music, starting his journey by working at a local record store.

Over the years, DJ Khaled has carved a successful career in the music industry, releasing numerous albums that resonate with audiences worldwide. His albums have consistently garnered praise and continue to be cherished by listeners, showcasing his enduring influence and creativity in the field of music.

DJ Khaled Net Worth 2024

DJ Khaled has been immersed in the music industry since his youth, diligently building his net worth through sheer determination and hard work. As of 2024, DJ Khaled’s net worth stands at an impressive $580 million USD. Converted to rupees, DJ Khaled’s net worth in 2024 amounts to ₹48.33 Crore INR. Further details regarding the artist are provided in the table below:

NameDJ Khaled🎧
Real NameKhaled Mohammad Khaled📀
DJ Khaled Net worth 2024 in USD$580 Million💰
DJ Khaled Net worth 2024 in Rupees₹ 48.33 Crore INR Approx.💵
ProfessionAmerican DJ, Record Publisher, Radio Personality, Rapper, Songwriter🎤📻🎶
Yearly Income/ Salary$50 Million+💵
Monthly Income/ Salary$7 Million+💵
Record LabelWe the Best Music Group🎵
Source of IncomeYouTube, DJ, Brand Endorsements, Music Production and Social Media Platforms💼🎵📱
Last Updated2024📆

DJ Khaled Net Worth Growth 

DJ Khaled’s net worth has experienced significant growth in recent years, boasting a remarkable increase of 30%. The table below illustrates his financial progress:

Net Worth YearwiseNet Worth (in USD)Emoji
2024$580 Million💰
2023$510 Million💰
2022$460 Million💰
2021$410 Million💰
2020$360 Million💰
2019$210 Million💰

DJ Khaled’s Source of Income

DJ Khaled began his journey without significant inheritance from his parents, showcasing his self-made success. Through dedication and hard work, he has amassed a commendable net worth. His earnings stem from diverse streams including music production, brand endorsements, and engagement on social media platforms like YouTube.

Known globally for his prowess as a disc jockey, DJ Khaled garners income from his profession in America and enjoys widespread recognition. His music production and album sales serve as primary sources of income, significantly contributing to his overall net worth.

DJ Khaled’s Album List

To date, DJ Khaled has released numerous albums and individual songs. Below is a list of his albums along with their respective release years:

Album NameYearEmoji
God Did2022🎶
Khaled Khaled2021🎵
Father of Asahd2019🎶
Major Key2016🎶
I Changed a Lot2015🎵
Suffering from Success2013🎶
Kiss the Ring2012🎵
We the Best Forever2011🎶
We the Best2007🎶
Listennn… the Album2006🎵

DJ Khaled’s Followers on Social Media Accounts

DJ Khaled boasts a substantial fan base worldwide, as evidenced by his presence on various social media platforms. Below are the statistics for his social media accounts provided in the table:

Social Media PlatformsFollowers/ SubscribersEmoji
Instagram37.8 million+📸
Facebook21 million +📘
Twitter5.6 million +🐦
YouTube13.2 million+▶️
Spotify25.5 million monthly listeners🎧

DJ Khaled’s Career

DJ Khaled embarked on his career path at a tender age, deeply influenced by his parents, who were musicians specializing in Arabic music. This early exposure fueled his passion for music. His journey began by immersing himself in the local music scene, working at a neighborhood record store, which served as a pivotal stepping stone for his career.

In the 1990s, DJ Khaled ventured into the realm of radio, joining a Miami-based station as a DJ. This role opened doors for him, leading to an opportunity with the Terror Squad group as their DJ. Building on this momentum, DJ Khaled released his debut studio album in 2006 titled “Listennn… the Album,” marking the beginning of a prolific musical journey characterized by a succession of successful albums. dj khaled house, dj khaled house, dj khaled house, dj khaled house

DJ Khaled has expanded his repertoire beyond music, delving into the world of cinema and literature. He has appeared in several films including “Pitch Perfect 3,” “Spies in Disguise,” and “Bad Boys for Life.” Additionally, he authored a book titled “The Keys,” which achieved acclaim by making it to the New York Times Best Seller list. The book explores diverse topics such as his insights on achieving success, reflections on music collaborations with fellow artists, and personal anecdotes from his life.

TitleYear of ReleaseEmoji
Debut AlbumListennn… the Album🎵
Debut Single SongHolla at Me🎵
Debut MovieShottas🎬

DJ Khaled: Age, Height, and Education

DJ Khaled will celebrate his 48th birthday on November 26, 2023, as he was born on November 26, 1975. Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which is equivalent to 168 centimeters, the rapper is known for his energetic presence. dj khaled wife, dj khaled wife, dj khaled wife

Having graduated from Dr. Phillips High School, DJ Khaled later pursued his passion for music, ultimately deciding to leave school to focus on his burgeoning career in the music industry.

DJ Khaled: Family

DJ Khaled was born in 1975. His parents immigrated from Palestine to the United States in their 20s, although their names remain undisclosed. He has a sibling named Alec Ledd, who is recognized as an actor. dj khaled height, dj khaled height, dj khaled height

DJ Khaled: Girlfriend/ Wife and Personal Life

DJ Khaled is married to Nicole Tuck, and they share two sons named Asahd and Aalam. Asahd Tuck Khaled, their elder son, was born in 2016. DJ Khaled gained significant attention when he streamed Asahd’s birth live on his Snapchat account. Their younger son, Aalam Tuck Khaled, was born in 2020. dj khaled age, dj khaled age

All Information- DJ Khaled

Personal InformationDetailsEmoji
NameDJ Khaled🎧
Full NameKhaled Mohammad Khaled📀
Age47 Years🎂
DOBNovember 26, 1975📅
HometownNew Orleans, USA🏠
Weight119 Kg⚖️
EducationGraduated from Dr. Phillips High School🎓
HobbiesTravelling and Listening to music🌍🎵
Skin ColourDusky🌞
Eye ColourDark Brown👁️
Hair ColourBlack💇🏿‍♂️

Family Background and Relationships

FatherNot Known👨‍👦
MotherNot Known👩‍👦
SiblingsAlec Ledd👨‍👩‍👦
Marital StatusMarried💍
Girlfriend/ WifeNicole Tuck👩‍❤️‍👨
ChildrenAsahd and Aalam👦👶
Debut MovieShottas🎬
Debut AlbumListennn… the Album🎵
Debut SongHolla at Me🎶
Record LabelWe the Best Music Group🎤
Active Years1998- Present📅
Net Worth$510 million USD💰

Throughout his career, DJ Khaled has garnered a plethora of awards, including Best DJ of the Year accolades in 2011, 2012, and 2016. He also secured the MVP of the Year award in 2016, alongside distinctions such as Hustler of the Year and Snapchatter of the Year in the same year.


What is DJ Khaled’s net worth in 2023?

DJ Khaled’s net worth in 2023 is $510 million USD, which is equivalent to approximately ₹42.51 Billion in Indian rupees.

What is DJ Khaled’s full name?

DJ Khaled’s full name is Khaled Mohammed Khaled.

How did DJ Khaled become wealthy?

DJ Khaled has amassed his wealth through his music and business ventures, a result of his relentless hard work.

Has DJ Khaled received any awards during his career?

Yes, DJ Khaled has received numerous awards throughout his career. He was honored as the Best DJ of the Year in 2011, 2012, and 2016, among others.

What is the name of DJ Khaled’s record label?

DJ Khaled’s record label is called We the Best Music Group.

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