Harlan Crow Net Worth 2024: House, Wife, Brother, Age, Salary, Income

Harlan Crow, the CEO of Crow Holdings, boasts an impressive Harlan Crow Net Worth of $3.1 billion as of 2024. Alongside his notable achievements in the business world, Harlan Crow is often in the spotlight, leading people to inquire about various aspects of his personal life. Many are curious about Harlan Crow’s wife, family connections like his brother, and even details like his age and the luxurious Harlan Crow house. As the head of Crow Holdings, a prominent player in private equity investments and real estate, Harlan Crow oversees assets valued at an impressive $29 billion. Notably, he is also known for owning the most expensive mansion in Dallas, a lavish residence worth $55 million. These aspects contribute to the comprehensive understanding of Harlan Crow, encompassing both his professional success and intriguing personal details.

Harlan Crow Net Worth 2024
Harlan Crow Net Worth 2024

Furthermore, Crow Holdings operates as a private investment firm primarily focused on private equity and various investment opportunities. With ownership stakes in hotels, shopping malls, and office buildings, the company has demonstrated its expertise in diverse sectors. By 2024, Harlan Crow’s wealth is poised to achieve remarkable heights thanks to his successful investment ventures.

NameHarlan Crow
Net Worth$3.1 Billion 💰
Salary$200 Million + 💵
Monthly Income$30 Million + 💸
ProfessionAmerican real estate developer
Yearly Income$250 Million + 💰
NationalityAmerican 🇺🇸
Birth PlaceDallas, Texas, United States
GenderMale ♂️
ParentsTrammell Crow, Margaret Doggett Crow

Harlan Crow Net Worth 2024

Net Worth$3.1 Billion💰
Annual Income$250 Million💵
Donations$90 Million💸
Luxury Yachts15+🛥️
Monthly Expense$20 Million💸
Luxury Cars45+🚗
Inheritance$900 Million💰
Crypto Investments$60 Million💹
Stock Portfolio$850 Million📈
Luxury Mansions25🏰
Taxes Paid$15 Million💸
Private Jets5+✈️
Cash in Bank$1 Billion💵

As previously mentioned, Harlan Crow serves as the CEO of Crow Holdings, a private investment firm primarily focused on real estate, with an approximate net worth of $3.1 billion. Additionally, he holds a position on the board of directors for companies like The St. Paul Travelers Corporation based in Dallas, which possesses a portfolio comprising office buildings, shopping centers, and hotels. harlan crow wife, harlan crow wife

Throughout his career, Harlan Crow has amassed considerable wealth from various avenues. The breakdown of his primary sources of income includes:

Robotics and AI Ventures

  • Crow Holdings: Established by Harlan and his brothers, this family-owned real estate development company has constructed a portfolio valued at $29 billion, substantially augmenting Harlan’s wealth.
  • Patents and Inventions: With numerous patents in robotics and AI, Crow garnered significant income through licensing these innovations to multiple companies.
  • Consulting and Advisory Roles: Harlan’s expertise was highly sought after by top tech firms and government agencies, where he offered consulting services and sat on advisory boards for substantial fees.


  • Venture Capitalist: Crow diversified his investment portfolio by funding numerous startups, particularly in the tech sector, many of which yielded significant returns.
  • Real Estate: In addition to Crow Holdings, Harlan made personal investments in a variety of real estate assets, generating rental income and capital appreciation.
  • Stock Market: Crow’s wealth management team strategically navigated the stock market, ensuring portfolio diversification and fostering long-term financial growth.

Fame and Recognition

  • Media Appearances: Harlan’s prominence in the tech industry resulted in numerous interviews, speaking engagements, and book deals, which not only generated income but also bolstered his public image.
  • Philanthropy: Alongside dedicating a substantial portion of his wealth to philanthropic causes, Crow received recognition and donations for his contributions to various endeavors.


Family Wealth: Harlan inherited a significant portion of his family’s wealth, which included farmland and diverse business holdings, offering him a stable financial base.

Other Sources

  • Salary and Bonuses: Over the course of his career, Crow occupied leadership roles in several companies, earning significant salaries and performance-based bonuses.
  • Endorsement Deals: Harlan occasionally endorsed a variety of products and services, resulting in additional income. harlan crow house, harlan crow house

Here are some of the companies that Harlan Crow owns:

  • Crow Holdings Capital
  • Trammell Crow Residential
  • Crow Holdings Industrial
  • Crow Holdings Office
  • Old Parkland office campus
  • The Anatole Hotel
  • The Dallas Market Center
  • The Brussels Trademart

Harlan Crow Friendship

The close friendship between Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Crow has stirred controversy, as Crow allegedly gifted Thomas luxury vacations and expensive items, such as a $19,000 bible once owned by Frederick Douglass. These gifts were not disclosed, violating the law mandating federal officials to disclose most gifts. harlan crow brother, harlan crow brother

Additionally, Crow’s foundation contributed $105,000 to Yale Law School for the “Justice Thomas Portrait Fund,” prompting inquiries regarding judicial ethics. Crow’s spouse is named Kathy, and he has three children. harlan crow age, harlan crow age

Harlan Crow Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)Emoji
2024$3.1 billion💰
2023$2.9 billion💰
2022$2.7 billion💰
2021$2.5 billion💰
2020$2.4 billion💰
2019$2.2 billion💰

Harlan Crow Balance Sheet

Assets$1 billion +💼
Inheritance$850 million +🏦
Gold Reserves$10 million +💰
Luxury Cars7 +🚗
Luxury Watches15 +
Stock Portfolio15 +📈
Luxury Yachts5 +
Crypto Investments$60 Million +💵
Investment$400 million +📈
Royalty Income$100 Million +💰
Business Income$1 billion +💼
Other Income$50 million +💰
Loans & Liabilities$0.5 Million +💳
Annual Expense$5 million +💸
Taxes Paid$3 million +💸


What is Crow’s net worth?

Crow has an estimated net worth of nearly $3.1 billion due to his successful career.

What is Crow’s yearly income?

Crow’s yearly income amounts to $250 million.

What is Crow’s monthly salary?

Crow’s monthly salary is $30 million.

What is Harlan’s base pay?

Harlan’s base pay is $516,716 per year, and his total compensation is $1.1 million annually.
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