Unblock Your ATM Card Instantly With These Easy Steps

How to Block and Unblock Your ATM Card 2024: As technology has evolved, so has the way we handle our finances. While physical cash was once the primary means of conducting transactions, the advent of smartphones has made instant fund transfers the norm. However, not everyone is tech-savvy, and some individuals still prefer using ATM cards for accessing cash as needed, striking a balance between digital and physical currency. To ensure the security of these ATM cards and prevent misuse, it is essential to keep them safe.

There may be situations where an ATM card is stolen or used without authorization, necessitating the immediate blocking of the card. Additionally, some cards may become blocked without any direct intervention from the bank. Banks have streamlined their processes to ensure that ATM cards can be blocked within seconds, and they have also provided methods for unblocking these cards.

how to unblock atm card 2024
how to unblock atm card 2024

In this article, we will explore the procedures for both blocking and unblocking ATM cards to help you keep your finances secure and accessible.

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Blocking Your ATM Card

  1. Customer Care: If your ATM card is stolen or lost, you can call the toll-free number printed on the back of the ATM card. Make sure to save this number in advance, along with your card number and account number.
  2. Branch Visit: Visit your nearest bank branch and provide the necessary details as requested by the bank officials, typically including the card number and account number.
  3. Internet Banking: You can block your ATM card online using internet banking. Go to your bank’s official internet banking website, log in, and navigate to the ATM Card Block section. Follow the provided steps to block the card.
  4. Mobile App: Most banks offer mobile apps for various operating systems. Download your bank’s mobile app on your smartphone, log in, and find the card block section. Follow the steps to block your ATM card.
  5. Automated Alert Systems: When a transaction is initiated using your ATM card, you’ll receive a text message on your registered mobile number, indicating the amount withdrawn and the ATM location. The message will also include a number to which you can send an SMS in case of a fraudulent transaction.

Unblocking Your ATM Card

  1. Automatic Unblocking: Your ATM card may be automatically unblocked if you enter the wrong PIN three times. It will typically become unblocked after 24 hours.
  2. Application to the Bank: Submit a written application to your bank, requesting the unblocking of your ATM card. The bank may request identification and address proof along with the reason for the card’s blocking.
  3. New Card Issued by the Bank: If your ATM card was blocked due to a security issue on the bank’s end, they will provide you with a new card at no cost.
  4. Expired ATM Card: ATM cards are automatically blocked upon expiration. To unblock your card, visit your bank branch, deposit the expired card, and receive a new ATM card.

Unblock ATM Card FAQ

Can customers withdraw money using an expired ATM card?

No, customers cannot withdraw money using an expired ATM card. They need to visit the bank branch, deposit the expired ATM card, and obtain a new ATM card.

Do ATM cards get blocked if customers enter the wrong PIN?

Yes, ATM cards get automatically blocked for 24 hours if the wrong ATM PIN is entered three times. The card will be unblocked after 24 hours.

Can ATM cards be blocked online?

Yes, ATM cards can be blocked online using internet banking. Customers should log in to the bank’s official internet banking portal, find the “Block ATM Card” section, and follow the steps provided therein.

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