Jami Gertz Net Worth 2024: Investments and Earnings According to Forbes

The American Actress Jami Gertz net worth is estimated to be $8.2 Billion as of 2024. Jami Gertz is also a successful businesswoman. She is co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team and a minority owner of the Milwaukee Brewers MLB team. She is best known for her acting roles in the 1980s films The Lost Boys, Less Than Zero, and Crossroads. However, her net worth is largely due to her marriage to billionaire businessman Tony Ressler. Jami Gertz husband, Tony Ressler, significantly contributes to her considerable wealth. Despite her fame and fortune, details about Jami Gertz house remain private. As for Jami Gertz age and height, she maintains a private stance on these personal details.

Jami Gertz Net Worth 2024
Jami Gertz Net Worth 2024

Jami Gertz, a well-known American actress, sports team owner, and philanthropist, boasts a net worth of approximately $8.2 billion. The bulk of her wealth stems from her husband, Tony Ressler, who possesses substantial affluence. Together, they co-own a portion of the Atlanta Hawks basketball franchise and maintain a minority stake in the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.

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Jami Gertz Net Worth 2024

Based on multiple sources, Jami Gertz’s annual income is estimated to be $500 million US Dollars. This income comprises her acting salary, her portion of the profits from the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, and earnings from her other business ventures. According to various online resources such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, the renowned American actress Jami Gertz’s estimated net worth is approximately $8.2 Billion.

NameJami Gertz🌟
Net Worth (2024)$8.2 Billion💰
ProfessionAmerican Actress🎭
Monthly Income$60 Million +💵
Yearly Income$500 Million +💰
Acting$250 million🎬
Business$500 million💼
Investments$4 Billion +💼
Last Updated2024🔄

Tony Ressler played a pivotal role in the inception of two major companies, Apollo Global Management and Ares Management. Contrary to assumptions, Jami actually outearned Tony when they tied the knot. She financed all their pre-marriage trips and purchased their initial home in LA. In 1989, amidst Tony’s tumultuous Wall Street stint at Drexel Burnham Lambert, he co-founded Apollo Global with three colleagues.

Jami gained prominence during the 1980s, starring in films like “The Lost Boys,” “Crossroads,” and “Less Than Zero.” Her television credits include roles in “Ally McBeal,” “Square Pegs,” and “Seinfeld.” From 2002 to 2006, she headlined the sitcom “Still Standing.” Recent appearances include shows like “Difficult People,” “The Neighbors,” and “This Is Us.” Additionally, check out Jason Statham’s Net Worth.

Despite being less recognized than others mentioned in this article, Jami Gertz stands as the wealthiest. Her substantial wealth stems from investments, including ownership of a basketball team with her husband. With her considerable fortune, she tops the list.

Jami Gertz Assets

  • Real Estate: Jami possesses several luxury properties, notably a mansion in Malibu, California, and a townhouse in Manhattan, New York.
  • Art Collection: Jami Gertz exhibits a fervent passion for art and curates a collection of valuable paintings and sculptures.
  • Jewelry Collection: Gertz boasts a collection of high-end jewelry, comprising rings, diamonds, and bracelets.
  • Cars: Jami enjoys a fleet of luxury automobiles, including a Ferrari, a Rolls-Royce, and a Bentley.
  • Investments: Gertz has diversified her portfolio with investments in various ventures, including the NBA teams Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, and Milwaukee Bucks. Additionally, she has stakes in numerous startups and venture capital funds.

Jami’s Path to Billionaire Status

Jami Gertz gained prominence through her roles in films like The Lost Boys and Less Than Zero. However, she ascended to billionaire status primarily through her marriage to Tony Ressler, a highly successful entrepreneur. jami gertz height, jami gertz height

Tony, Jami’s husband, co-founded Ares Management, a firm boasting over $136 billion in assets. Together, they also hold stakes in the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. It appears that Gertz didn’t marry Ressler for his wealth, as he wasn’t affluent when they tied the knot. Furthermore, Jami herself earned a substantial amount from her career.

Jami Gertz’s Businesses

Jami Gertz is more than just an actress; she is also an entrepreneur who ventures into various industries. She founded a consulting company called JG&A, which assists emerging businesses. Additionally, she spearheaded the creation of a line of home goods and accessories called Henry Rose. Jami offers guidance to key technology firms like Women@Work Ventures and Zinc Health.

Jami Gertz House

Jami and Tony own two significant properties, one in Malibu and another in Beverly Hills. Their Beverly Hills residence is nestled in a charming gated community atop a hill, boasting breathtaking views of LA. They count prominent neighbors like Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, Sylvester Stallone, and Mark Wahlberg. jami gertz age, jami gertz age

According to tax records, their home is valued at approximately $30 million, but it could fetch around $50 million if sold. Their Malibu home is equally impressive, perched above Broad Beach, a renowned locale. In summary, Jami Gertz is a thriving entrepreneur, actress, and philanthropist. With a net worth of $8.2 billion, she ranks among the wealthiest individuals in the entertainment industry. jami gertz husband, jami gertz husband, jami gertz house

Jami Gertz Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)Emoji
2024$8.2 Billion💰
2023$7.7 Billion💰
2022$7.2 Billion💰
2021$6.8 Billion💰
2020$6.1 Billion💰
2019$5.6 Billion💰

Jami Gertz Balance Sheet

Gold Reserves:🪙
Luxury Cars:🚗
Luxury Watches:
Stock Portfolio:📈
Luxury Yachts:🛥️
Crypto Investments:💹
Business Income:🏢💰
Other Income:💵
Loans & Liabilities:💳
Annual Expense:💸
Taxes Paid:📝💰


What is Jami Gertz’s net worth?

Jami Gertz’s total net worth is approximately $8.2 billion.

What is Jami Gertz’s salary?

Jami Gertz earns an estimated salary of $400 million per year.

What is Jami Gertz’s monthly income?

Jami Gertz has an estimated monthly income of $60 million.

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