Larry Bird Net Worth 2024: Wife, Age, Height, Income, Salary

As of 2024, Larry Bird net worth, an American former basketball player and coach, is estimated to be $80 million. He is not only an American former professional basketball player, coach, and executive in the National Basketball Association but also an individual whose success extends beyond the basketball court. Larry Bird has carved a prosperous career in the basketball industry, excelling both as a leading player and the coach of a prominent team. The substantial wealth he has amassed can be attributed to the goodwill and reputation he has built over the years of dedicated work in this industry. Additionally, Larry Bird wife, age, height, and partner are topics of interest among fans and followers, adding to the broader narrative of his influential and accomplished career.

Larry Bird Net Worth 2024
Larry Bird Net Worth 2024

During his career, he ranked among the highest-paid players on the team. Larry Bird earned a total salary of $26 million as a basketball player. Notably, in 1978, he inked a groundbreaking contract with the team worth $3.25 million over five years, establishing him as the highest-paid rookie in the sport’s history. Additionally, Bird garnered income from other teams he played for.

The renowned American professional basketball player, Larry Bird, boasts a net worth of $80 million. According to various reputable sources such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, Larry Bird’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $80 million.

NameLarry Bird
Net Worth💰 $80 Million
Salary💵 $7 Million +
Monthly Income💸 $0.5 Million +
Profession🏀 American former basketball player and coach
Age67 Yrs
Height🏀 American former basketball player and coach
Yearly Income💰 $8 Million +
Nationality🇺🇸 American
Date Of Birth1956-12-07
Birth PlaceWest Baden Springs, Indiana, United States
Gender👨 male
ParentsClaude Joseph Bird, Georgia Bird

Larry Bird Net Worth 2024

NameLarry Bird
Net Worth (2024)💰 $80 Million
Profession🏀 American former basketball player and coach
Monthly Income💸 $500,000 +
Yearly Income💰 $7 Million +
NBA draft1978: 1st round, 6th overall pick
Playing career1979–1992
Position🏀 Small forward / power forward
Coaching career1997–2000
Last Updated2024

Larry Bird has amassed considerable wealth through his illustrious basketball career. His primary income source was the salary he received as a basketball player, but now, as an executive and coach of the team, he continues to earn. Additionally, Bird garnered a significant sum from brand endorsements during the pinnacle of his career. As of 2024, this esteemed player boasts a net worth of $80 million as a professional basketball player. larry bird age, larry bird partner

Larry Bird NBA Salary

SeasonTeamLeague (Lg)Salary
1979-80Boston CelticsNBA💵 $650,000
1980-81Boston CelticsNBA💵 $650,000
1981-82Boston CelticsNBA💵 $650,000
1982-83Boston CelticsNBA💵 $650,000
1983-84Boston CelticsNBA💵 $650,000
1984-85Boston CelticsNBA💵 $1,800,000
1985-86Boston CelticsNBA💵 $1,800,000
1986-87Boston CelticsNBA💵 $1,800,000
1987-88Boston CelticsNBA💵 $1,800,000
1988-89Boston CelticsNBA💵 $1,800,000
1989-90Boston CelticsNBA💵 $2,750,000
1990-91Boston CelticsNBA💵 $1,500,000
1991-92Boston CelticsNBA💵 $7,070,000
1992-93Boston CelticsNBA💵 $2,300,000
Career(may be incomplete)💵 $25,870,000

Larry Bird Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Million)
Larry Bird Net Worth in 2024💰 $80 Million
Larry Bird Net Worth in 2023💰 $63 Million
Larry Bird Net Worth in 2022💰 $56 Million
Larry Bird Net Worth in 2021💰 $49 Million
Larry Bird Net Worth in 2020💰 $42 Million
Larry Bird Net Worth in 2019💰 $38 Million

Larry Bird Career Earnings

Larry Bird, the celebrated “Hick from French Lick,” transcends basketball greatness to emerge as a savvy entrepreneur, boasting an estimated net worth of approximately $80 million. His path to financial triumph mirrors his on-court prowess, blending talent, dedication, and astute decision-making. Let’s explore the highlights: larry bird wife, larry bird wife, larry bird age, larry bird partner

Playing Days

  • Salary: Bird’s rookie deal with the Boston Celtics, valued at $325,000 in 1979, set the stage for his lucrative career. Across 13 seasons, he amassed over $23 million in salary alone, with his peak earnings hitting $7.5 million during the 1991-92 season. larry bird height
  • Endorsements: Bird’s magnetic personality and market appeal attracted major brands like Converse, Spalding, and Pepsi, yielding substantial endorsement earnings throughout his tenure.
  • Investments: Even amid his playing career, Bird demonstrated a keen eye for investments, acquiring real estate assets in Indiana, including a hotel and golf course, fortifying his financial stability beyond basketball.

Post-Playing Career

  • Coaching: Bird’s coaching tenure with the Indiana Pacers marked another lucrative chapter, adding an estimated $20 million over three successful seasons as head coach.
  • Executive Roles: Leveraging his basketball intellect, Bird assumed executive roles with the Pacers and Indiana Fever, further enhancing his financial standing and industry influence.
  • Public Appearances & Business Ventures: Bird remains a sought-after figure for speaking engagements, commanding substantial fees. Additionally, he actively engages in diverse business ventures, including co-founding a sports apparel enterprise. larry bird height

Larry Bird Cars Collection

Car Make & ModelEstimated Price Range (USD)
1977 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28🚗 $30,000 – $50,000
1984 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL🚙 $25,000 – $40,000
1990 Ferrari Testarossa🏎️ $150,000 – $200,000
1992 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning🚚 $15,000 – $25,000
2000 Cadillac Escalade🚙 $10,000 – $15,000

Larry Bird Balance Sheet

Assets💰 $7 Million +
Gold Reserves💰 $80,000 +
Luxury Cars🚗 3 +
Luxury Watches⌚ 6 +
Stock Portfolio💹 $10 Million +
Crypto Investments💱 $15 Million +
Investment💵 $35 Million +
Royalty Income👑 $2 Million +
Business Income💼 $7 Million +
Other Income💰 $10 Million +
Loans & Liabilities💳 $9 Million +
Annual Expense💸 $750,000 +
Taxes Paid💸 $300,000 +


What is Larry Bird’s net worth?

Larry Bird’s total net worth is approximately $80 million.

What is Larry Bird’s salary?

Larry Bird earns an estimated salary of $7 million per year.

What is Larry Bird’s monthly income?

Larry Bird’s monthly salary amounts to $0.5 million.

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